Simplicity is Alignment


Corporate,  Reports,  Alignment,  Intelligence,  Growth(CRAIGTM)

CRAIGTM Accelerates Departmental Efficiency and Effectiveness By Managers using their Own Artificial Intelligence Platform.

Hello. My name is CRAIGTM.

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    I am an automated solution tool designed to assist you in MAKING INFORMED BUSINESS DECISIONS by using the data, facts and figures gathered from your workgroup and the organization.

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    I am capable of analyzing complex workgroup performance criteria. Our unique algorithms will provide you with opportunities and solutions for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your department. I even select the actions for you to take, each statistically calculated to positively impact performance and cost reduction opportunities.

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    I then provide you with collaborative coaching tools to improve and develop your manager skills. These self-administered, easy to use, specially designed world-class coaching tools are perfect for problem solving, goal setting techniques and personal development insights.

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    You will immediately become adept at using my five dashboard icons from this easily understood CRAIGTM tutorial. (Printable-recommended). The tutorial starts with a 180 degree personalized scorecard assessing you in 14 critical areas. For greater analysis, “click on any module icon” to be transported to the actual online graphic interface. There, additional tools for greater insights, with navigation instructions, are found.

CRAIGTM generates Operational Intelligence for each manager,

including your own individual manager scorecard rating in 14 areas. Our artificial intelligence uses algorithms customized from many years of experience by our professional team in the field of business analytics and organizational development.

Use CRAIGTM to add immediate value to your career growth and the health of your company. The skills, insights and action recommendations will indeed give you the “power to change.”

Let’s get started.


The survey data collected is culled, sorted and prioritized through hundreds of proprietary algorithms, enabling the selection of the most impactful improvement actions for each manager to take through the lens of five Icons on a dashboard.


CRAIGTM is entirely automatic, and simple to use with just a click of the report icon. Please click any of the icon buttons for further, in depth analysis of your workgroup.

Each of the five icons has a unique purpose.

Culture Analysis:

A culture analysis of the workgroup for which you are responsible. This provides a picture and a score of how well your workgroup is performing against agreed business measures. This is complemented by a computer generated way to take action by simply clicking a “wedge.” The outside wedges of the wheel are your business systems, impacting efficient and effective performance. A business system is defined as a key outcome that if improved, will positively impact a company’s CRAIGTM


Continuous Improvement Analysis: From culture to action.

Computer selected prioritized action steps for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your workgroup and based on identified workgroup strengths and weaknesses.

Employee Engagement Analysis: From intent to people taking the action.

Responses to open-ended questions provide unrestricted feedback from your team as to their willingness to take action, offer process improvement ideas and why or why not they would recommend their job to friends or family members. These voices say everything about the business and what people need to succeed.


Benchmark Analysis: Comparing your workgroup against the performance of the organization.

This benchmark measures if the operational performance of your workgroup is better, equal to, or worse than the consolidated scores of the entire organization.

Driver/Correlation Analysis- Key actions to take.

Three key actions are selected from a correlation analysis for a manager to better align his/her workgroup’s efforts to the key strategic goals of the organization. The organizational impact from these three will have a direct bearing on achieving the overall organizational mission. This impacts the workgroups contribution to corporate earnings, corporate growth and generating intelligence for the workgroup. When all mangers use CRAIGTM, organizational transformation happens.


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