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The main thing is to keep the Main Thing the main thing!

We loved that expression when we first heard it from Jim Barksdale, then the COO of FedEx. That single sentence captures the greatest challenge that executives and managers face today: keeping their people and their organizations centered on what matters most. Every organization needs a Main Thing—a single, powerful expression of what it hopes to…

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The Big Picture: The Alignment Framework

Alignment is a condition in which the key elements of an organization—its people, strategy, customers, and processes—work in concert to serve its primary purpose. thereby increasing value for stakeholders. For business organizations, that means growth and profit. For not-for-profit entities, the desired outcome may be “accomplishing the mission” or, for a hospital, “providing better patient…

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Why Alignment?

Alignment is that state where the key elements of a business are integrated and aligned to drive growth and profit. One of our clients described to us his extraordinary turnaround story. His organization is a division of a major pharmaceutical company. At the time he took over, it was generating about $50 million in sales…

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