I am exploring the results, and really love playing around with the predictive matrix! What surprises me is how fast new employees become disengaged after one year, and becomes worse after 5 years!
And divisions who have high engagement are those who are involved in the policy formulation jobs, ‘The elite group’. The further you are from ‘the information-central nerve system’, the lower your engagement. This is a really powerful tool. ~ Deputy Director of The Bank of Indonesia


Overall, the tool represents dynamic and extraordinary analytical capability. Using InfoTool allows us to examine micro and macro trends, which we had not been able to see in previous surveys. We can now view organizational strengths and areas of opportunity sliced by all of our demographic groups in a matter of seconds. ~ Vice President of Staples, Inc.

Since 2000, our successes have proven the value of the promises we make to leaders. It is the evidence we provide that shows the commitment to our clients. The following three case studies are but examples of how we have transformed organizations from “good to great” with our customized approach. This is not a generic solution because no two companies are the same.

Hotel and Property Management

A hotel and property management company in Canada hired SurveyTelligence to perform the
2nd annual Employee Engagement survey for all hotels, property management and head office employees. The purpose of this engagement was to measure any improvement or degradation from last year’s scores and present necessary insights and findings for heightening engagement levels throughout the organization.

This company initially approached SurveyTelligence in 2013 because high turnover rates were increasing costs, decreasing customer satisfaction, and taking a toll on the bottom line. Through a detailed and customized survey process, the online results identified exactly what actions this organization need to take to improve engagement, ease employee frustration and improve profits.

Members of senior leadership blamed high turnover rates on the industry and current economic environment but SurveyTelligence analysis found that there was no reward system in place to engender a feeling of value for employees. Managers were not empowering members of their workgroup because they themselves were not empowered. Leadership efforts to improve engagement were getting lost in downward communication causing misalignment between hotels, properties and head office. With the capability to ‘slice and dice’ the demographics, the areas with the greatest opportunity for improvement were immediate identified and specific action plans were created for each manager within those areas.

Dollar Tree

Do you know what the ROI is from your Facebook page? Would you believe that it might be 35:1?

With more than 4,000 stores in the U.S. and Canada, Dollar Tree has built a $3 billion enterprise by providing customers with value. More consumers pass through their stores each month than visit Disney World in a year. So, it made sense for Dollar Tree to engage their brand followers in the new world of social media. Within 9 months of launch, Dollar Tree’s Facebook page and Twitter account had nearly 100,000 followers. Since “Everything is a Dollar” at Dollar Tree, understanding the ROI on social media investments vs. other media in order to optimize profitability is important.

SurveyTelligence developed a one-of-a-kind survey and customer feedback program that turned Dollar Tree customer engagement into customer insight, such as the number of times Facebook connections shop at Dollar Tree, how they compare to other Dollar Tree customers, and most importantly, how Facebook influences buying habits.

Statistically reliable data delivered through the InfoTool diagnostic software (IDS) showed that Facebook customers spend more than other customers and that the incremental revenue from future sales will be as high as 35 times the cost of the Facebook program. And, now that Dollar Tree knows what Facebook followers like to buy at its stores, Facebook posts can be tailored to meet customer preferences.

The chart below demonstrates how robust a SurveyTelligence graphical display can be by showing how Dollar Tree Facebook connections (in green) over-index compared to other online customers while concurrently validating each buyer groups’ average purchase dollar values:


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How one of the world’s leading consumer brands measured its brand loyalty and purchase intent

This case study demonstrates how a consumer goods marketer used SurveyTelligence to follow and interpret research data in ways that create advertising messages that generate sales through optimized brand positioning.

Dannon requested a new product positioning strategy. They needed to know which Dannon products consumers prefer, what would influence them to buy more Dannon product, Dannon’s share of household vs. competitors’, and which Dannon product/feature/benefits drive sales.

We surveyed 34,000 Dannon customers and displayed the results in multiple InfoTool diagnostic software “bulls-eye” charts in which the key purchase influencers show up closest to the center. Among the important outcomes of the survey was this chart that showed an actual brand loyalty score (79%), and the key factors that influence brand loyalty. Contrary to pre-survey intelligence Dannon sales are not driven by Price and Habit, rather by Taste, Quality, Nutrition and Value.

These key factors became the platform for new brand positioning, and within a year of execution, Dannon overtook Yoplait in market share for the first time.


For more information on this case study, or to receive a Free demonstration of the SurveyTelligence InfoTool Diagnostic System (IDS), click on the box to the right.

The Florida Sterling Council

How SurveyTelligence Helped a County Clerk Win the Florida Governor’s Sterling Award for Service Excellence

Sooner or later every leader gets measured by the efficiency and productivity of their organization - the key drivers of ROI– whether you are making and selling widgets, or serving the public.

The Florida Sterling Council, a not-for-profit corporation that recognizes organizations that have raised performance and productivity to extraordinary levels and awarded its prestigious Governor’s Sterling Award to the Orange County Clerk of Courts (OCCC), a major user of the SurveyTelligence Infotool diagnostic software (IDS) since 2005.

The Governor’s Sterling Award is the highest achievement that a Florida organization can receive for performance excellence. Criteria used to select award recipients are based on the seven criteria also used for the Malcolm Baldrige Award

With a workforce of over 600 people, the OCCC provides court support, case maintenance, data reporting, customer service and the collection of court fines and fees for one of Florida’s most populous counties. The OCCC turned conventional thinking about ineffectual government on its head by evaluating the operational levels of customer service and employee workforce focus using a customized InfoTool diagnostic software (IDS) survey, then implementing a process management for performance improvement using SurveyTelligence road mapping.

Here are sample SurveyTelligence employee evaluation survey forms that enable business leaders like the OCCC to measure their organization’s performance and identify roadblocks that influence leadership and employee productivity.